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The 113th Spring Canton Fair

Hello! The 113th Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) will open on April 15, 2013. Hebei Hongan Automobile & Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd. will exhibit our company's traditional products in the first phase (April 15-19). With the newly developed products, welcome to the booth 2.1K06 to discuss cooperation!

Hongan blessing--Congratulations to the New Year

Together we experienced a year of 2017 with all sorts of tastes, and together we ushered in 2018. In such a day of national celebration, I wish all old and new friends, in the new year, good health, smooth work, and happy family! The past year has been a year of hard work, a year of hard work, and a year in which the company is proud. The employees, along the direction of the company's development, work hard, work hard, love and dedication, and work together toward common goals, and achieved great results.

November 2016 Frankfurt Fair (Shanghai)

More than 200 foreign friends chose Hebei Hongan Automobile and Motorcycle, and even signed a contract with our company at the exhibition. And submitted the sample. Hongan is like this, survive by quality, develop by reputation, quality first, reputation first, honesty first, customer first
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Hebei Hongan Headquarters:


TEL:+86 0319 8132299 / 8136789
FAX:+86 0319 8138058
ADD:North of Dazhai Road 

Hebei Hongan Guangzhou Office:


TEL::+86 139 3191 9601
FAX:+86 0319 1297583
ADD:Room713, Yanqiao Building, 89 yanling road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.



















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